How to Pick A MLM

How To Choose A Network Marketing Company?

Should I Join A Network Marketing Company

In this video I’m sharing with you 4 things you should think about when choosing a network marketing company.

If you are building on social media make sure you download your daily goal worksheet. I give you step-by-step directions on what you need to do each day to build your business online:

Show notes and resources:

1. Do you want to build online or face to face? There are two different ways to build your business now. All on social media like I’ve done or still doing the belly-to-belly. Both ways work great and can be very effective you just need to ask yourself what works best for you and your life.

2. Does the company your looking to partner with follow the trends of today using attraction marketing and branding yourself or do they build more of an “old school” way where they ask that you share the products and opportunity with everyone they know. I have found that attraction marketing is truly the way to build your business.

3. Do you want to sell products or services? With so many network marketing companies out there you need to find your passion and what excites you. Would you rather sell consumable monthly products or more of a membership based service?

4. When choosing a network marketing company ask yourself if you want a more established company where you know it will not go out of business or would you rather a ground floor opportunity? There are pluses and minuses to both of these!

Grab your daily goal worksheet here and you will be going live in no time:

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